3 Things To Do At Work For Low Back Pain In Lincoln NE

3 Things To Do At Work For Low Back Pain In Lincoln NE

3 Things To Do At Work For Low Back Pain In Lincoln NE

Low back pain affects nearly everyone in our lifetimes. Many statistics have low back pain occurring in over 80% of the population. Contact our Lincoln NE chiropractic clinic to learn more today.

While the onset of low back pain can vary, in a general sense most are either started by an injury, slow wear and tear, or a combination of both. Both of those scenarios can lead to the same place: Pain!

This article will try to help you with the slow wear and tear onset, and things you can do at work to help yourself long term.

Your body was designed to be active. Unfortunately, society has tended to move us to the sedentary category with over 55% of us sitting the majority of the day according to a study at Vanderbilt University.

Since most office workers use computers and desks, here are 3 things you can control in your environment.

  1. Adjust your workspace.
    1. Adjust your chair height. It's best to sit as close to your desk as you comfortably can with your arms parallel to your spine. In the best scenario your elbow should form a 90° angle.
    2. Adjust your back rest. The main thing you need to avoid in this situation is leaning backward too far in your chair. Try to sit a little more upright.
    3. Eye level. Your eyes tend to have a natural downward gaze of around 15%. Try to get the top of your monitor in that range so that you're not looking down.
    4. Position objects within arms reach. Keeping the items you use most frequently close to you can reduce your need to stretch and reduce straining.
  2. Practice good posture.
    1. Always sit upright and try never to slouch backward or forward. If you can keep your elbows bent at 90° you will help yourself out a lot. Sit closer to your desk.
  3. Stay Active.
    1. If possible, get up and move around every 30 minutes. A simple 2 minute walk around the room breaks up your pattern and helps your body adapt to sitting. You can do minor stretching too.
    2. I often recommend looking up toward the ceiling with your arms pulled back behind you to help your extensor muscles.

Conclusion In Lincoln NE

If you're chronically having pain give us a call. Here at Auman Chiropractic we are here to help you improve your life.

Feel free to look around this website. There is a new patient special you can use, or you can schedule by calling the office. There is no pressure.

Written by Dr. Sean Auman.


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