Chiropractic Testimonials

"Sean is an awesome chiropractor! Very flexible with scheduling and really cracks the pain out of you! I would recommend Sean to anyone."

- Brian-Tanya H.

"Dr. Sean is a great doctor who loves learning and is constantly perfecting his craft to make sure his patients get the best care. His personality is one of a kind and is willing to do whatever it takes to help a person out."

- Sean B.

"I've know Dr. Auman for many years and can attest to his quality work and excellent healthcare."

- Rosanne L.

"Dr. Auman's approach to care isn't just about adjustments, it involves getting to the bottom of the pain and working with you to resolve it. As a computer worker, he has provided some easy stretches to help with my "computer neck". And most recently when sciatica suddenly presented, I chose to have him treat as opposed to a traditional doctor and have been thrilled with how it is resolving without prescription meds. His billing practices further reflect his desire to help his patients achieve their health care goals."

- Susan H.


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